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BRIAN "thinkstout" STOUT

Brian has always seen the needs for helping individuals achieve better health for both brain and body. After losing multiple family members to ALZ, enough was enough. He founded Differ and Cracking ALZ to help prevent the insidious self decay which leads to cognitive decline so we can keep our golden years golden .

Cracking ALZ is sharing the latest findings from healthcare providers and researchers in language anyone can understand and apply to their lives so we can make a difference now. And so super achievers and top bosses can stay super.

Brian is certified as a Brain Health Licensed Trainer from Amen University as of January 16th, 2025.

Since 2004, Brian has worked in and around the health care industry in the United States for both large global powerhouses and small start-ups, scale ups, and growth companies. He does not have a clinical background. Instead, he helps those who are clinical tell their stories better to reach more individuals and organizations. There is a need to do this for Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other non-age-related cognitive decline for Top Bosses, or those who strive to be, the decades before the first symptoms of decline appear -- often too late to make a meaningful difference.

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