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Top Boss of Brain Health is more than a newsletter -- it is a community showcase about top achievers like you. It's packed with stories and a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a Top Boss. One who cares about your long-term brain health because honestly you're likely a bad boss today because you think it's a 'tomorrow problem.' It's not.

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Larry, my dad, transitioned in 2021 from ALZ.
He covered the rest of your subscription cost that will be offered at $497 annually soon.

We both want better brain health for top achievers -- and those striving to be daily!

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Why am I "giving away" the monthly letter?

It must be new, terrible, or a packed with sales pitches, right?
...or all the above

  • Never Forget: It's been said that no one is truly gone as long as someone living still remembers them. Can you think of no better way to keep my dad's fighting spirit alive for beating ALZ and honor the investments he made in me for decades than helping you and other high achievers and Top Bosses with Cracking ALZ. Yes, the community, newsletter, Cracking Daily, and everything else is brand-spanking new. I'm paying it forward for my dad who left me something so I can invest in you and others to avoid losing the 'gold' from your golden years like he did. Fair enough?
  • Bad Boss or Top Boss: ​Know anyone firsthand who is a Bad Boss. I do. Me. You don't have to be a bad boss of brain health because you don't have a plan like the other 99%. Your healthcare provider is not going to talk to you unless you ask about your long-term brain health because they have $0 incentives to keep you brain healthy today or in the future. We're going to change this paradigm in healthcare, but it starts with you becoming the Top Boss of your Brain Health -- you know what it takes to be a top achiever.
  • The Promises We Keep: ​ How many people do you know who have survived ALZ or dementia? Is it zero? But, you know someone who had cancer or a heart issue who reversed course or is in remission. We don't have this yet with cognitive diseases. They are a death sentence. At my dad's small gathering to say goodbye I stood in front of family and friends declared I was going to help crack Alzheimer's disease (AD) or (ALZ). The next week, without asking, money started showing up in my mailbox to find a solution. It was on. Where do we start -- high risk high achievers like me who's lifestyle often makes us the bad boss of our brain and body health. Top Boss was born. I promise this IS about the community and improving your brain health span -- not life span or longevity with poor or declining health. Who wants more time like that? 
  • See it Grow: You understand what it takes to be successful high achiever. While I would love to give this opportunity to everyone, at some point I need to pay the bills and keep the lights on -- grow this community beyond what I am capable of doing on my own. So, on occasion, of course I will be calling on the community to help this blossom. I did not become a high achieving Top Boss by giving away my time for free -- nor would I ever expect others to do the same. Time is greatest asset. We must invest it wisely. I want to keep OUR golden years golden, so this requires an investment by everyone, everywhere -- without exception.
  • Wait, You're NOT a Doctor: Correct. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. In my case, it is the over two decade long journey in brain health, intelligence, habits, and yes, even marketing, product management, and leadership which makes me what Russell Brunson calls "a reporter" for Top Boss of Brain Health and Cracking ALZ today. I have an unhealthy interest in these areas and why I have read and synthesized (and will continue to) many 100s of "decades in a day" as Tony Robbins calls them (aka books) on the subjects alone. I don't see patients, but I see communities in need of a better translation from the research, science, and practice of proactive, preventative medicine which is often written by experts for experts -- not Top Bosses. My dad could have never understood the books on brain health or prevention I read because his interests lived elsewhere. Your interest do too likely. I do this for him, you, and others who want to stay super at what you are super at today high achiever.  

No, thanks.
I want to pay it forward . I'll invest the full $497

No, thanks.
I want to pay it forward . I'll invest the full $497

Why are top achievers, or those who strive to be, at risk for long-term cognitive decline because of their crazy lifestyle?

How can 50% of the population have a retirement plan...BUT, less than 1% has a plan for keeping those golden years golden with their long-term Brain Health?

What are the latest lifestyle interventions we are able to add to our busy lives as high achievers and top bosses without feeling like it is an awful intervention?

Who gets the 'gold' if our golden years don't stay golden? Where does all the 'gold' go?

I'm in my 40's...why has my provider never discussed long-term brain health risks and prevention strategies with me?

You Deserve More

You Do. It Takes More than Luck to Be You.
How About... 

  • ​Tropical sunsets in a exotic local with the people you love
  • ​Nights under the stars listening to your favorite entertainers
  • ​Being in the stadium cheering on your teams
  • ​Escaping into hundreds of stories -- yours or other creators
  • ​Checking more items off the ultimate bucket list
  • ​Simply more years doing life with family and friends
  • ​Good humans, having extraordinary humanity, even longer

We all need to be ABLE to make a lasting impact -- success to significance

What if all subscribing to the Top Boss of Brain Health monthly letter did was...

  • ​Unlock Intervenables -- the new category you will discover to stay super now and into the future with as-we-age-lifestyle enhancements without feeling like you've gone through an awful intervention
  • ​Give you valuable strategies monthly to Fire your Bad Boss of brain health and guide you through a plan for long-term brain health which are good for all of us as we age -- be a Top Boss of health
  • ​Introduce you to a new found family of likeminded high achievers defeating what I call "the insidious six of self decay" which leads to cognitive decline
  • ​​Tell the world you are committed to cracking diseases through proactive practices daily -- the nasty bunch like Alzheimer's, dementia, and other neurodegenerative disease. Plus, what is good for your brain is also good for your heart, linked to rarer incidence of metabolic diseases and cancers. (Peter Attia, MD calls them the 4 Horsemen of Death in his book Outlive)
  • ​Keep you focused on what you are great at so you don't have to read tens of thousands of pages in books written by healthcare providers often for other healthcare providers on the latest advances in longevity, brain health, intelligence, and habits.

Plus, these incredible bonuses exclusive to founding members of Top Boss of Brain Health are only available for a limited time...

  • ​Founders pricing -- pay only $47 and it covers the first year for you AND a friend (US only)(Digital subscription only available for International)
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  • ​Free Year for a friend to join you on the journey ($497 value)
  • ​Private Long-term Brain Health Risk Assessment ($297 value)​
  • ​Special Founders Golden Swag Pack

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I want to pay it forward . I'd like to invest the full $497

This is Larry. A whole life awaited when this picture was taken. He sadly transitioned in 2021 after 8 years of dying in slow motion began in 2013  along with the Brain Health treatment plans -- decades too late for him.

"A long-term brain health plan gives you more, BUT a found family of likeminded top achievers makes proactive brain health even better."

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