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Solve this Dreadful Plight

Solve This Dreadful Plight


You can almost smell the beige on the walls.

Nothing invigorating had happened inside these four walls for decades. The fall of yesterday permeated from the rustic large plank wood floors where he now sat. Decorative cast iron radiators lined the walls. A half century had not been kind to this university building or its present occupants.

He did not fit in. Many on the faculty wanted him gone. This was his last shot to prove he belonged there with the other hand-picked students at this widely esteemed university.

He wasn't meant to blend in. School had not come easy for him, but he found success in other areas of life.

If he wanted them both, he was going to need to earn his marks right here and now.

This was his shot to prove them wrong. If he was going to pass, he had to get everything right before a tribunal of each of his professors.

It was Dr. Turner's opportunity. She asked him about a poem they had read by Dylan Thomas, "Do you remember it?" she asked.

He glitched for a moment before he went into the opening tercet, "Do not go gentle into that good night." His confidence flashed as he recited the thunderous stanzas by Thomas in front of the intrigued council.

The pleased Dr. Turner asks, "Thornton, what does that poem mean to you?"

Thornton responds, "It means..." (back to this in a moment) 

I wrote a villanelle style poem recently inspired by this favorite poem of mine from Dylan Thomas.

Thomas' poem is magnificent and worthy of almost 100 years of admiration.

You may remember its addition into the movie Interstellar led by actor Matthew McConaughey and the snippet of the poem read by Michael Caine as well.

Or perhaps you knew it from school or possibly the late Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School from his interpretation of the poem in the movie from 1986 described above. Haha! (When did you realize I was describing that scene from the movie?)

Either way, there are many great versions. It's a moving poem and Hollywood seems to like it as well. How about you?

There is a recent one by actor Michael Sheen I absolutely LOVE you can find on YouTube! Wow! So powerful, right? (highlighted text in pink above will take you to YouTube to watch them)

Well, our community needs something moving too. So, below is my attempt to adopt this to the fighting ALZ community -- for our Cracking Crew of top achievers who will not give up without a fight.

If we are going to embark on this journey to crack ALZ for our crew of creators, entrepreneurs, entertainers, executives, writers or authors (the CREW), or those who simply aspire to be a top achiever, at Cracking ALZ, then we needed something that is going to move you too, right? Are you moved every time you hear the Dylan Thomas' poem to his dad like me?

Sadly, I lost my dad to Alzheimer's Disease (AD) or (ALZ) in 2021. The eight years leading up to it and the last two have been difficult to navigate personally and professionally. He did not go down without a fight.

This inspired me to take the fight to ALZ on behalf of my dad, Larry, who I will talk about a lot here at Cracking ALZ (Warning). We need a compass in life. He was mine. I hope you have one too.

As I stood there in front of family and friends at his funeral saying our tearful goodbyes, I said I was going to help solve Alzheimer's so others like you did not have to go through it themselves or with their loved ones.

The very next week, without asking anyone, money started showing up in my mailbox to work on a solution. So, I said, "Let's get Cracking!" and this is how Cracking ALZ was born.

Now back to the poem before I get emotional.

Have you found you like to tinker on something until it feels perfect. This might be one of those things below. But, this is where it stands on January 27th, 2023.


Let's solve this dreadful plight!

(Imagine Michael Sheen or Michael Caine is reciting it and not me. Even better, have some fun and record your version at the link below.)

Click button or scan QR code with your device

Together we shall solve this dreadful plight

I will not give in without a fight,
Soul should not decay by passing day;
Age less, resilient brain cracking first before morning’s light.

Restore my lousy slumber at the edge of night,
For streaks are more than consistency won daily I say
Together we shall solve this dreadful plight.

Golden years dissolved while still far out of sight
Insidious are six these demons of self decay,
Age less, resilient brain cracking first before morning’s light.

Our locus lost for the meltdown fades in spite
Decades, not days, pass before signs of memories betray
Together we shall solve this dreadful plight.

Not in gain of a whole world before we too reunite
Fear no more until we end better winning today,
Age less, resilient brain cracking first before morning’s light.

And you father, my guide, for all which ends right,
Whisper, scream, able me to intervene, I pray
Together we shall solve this dreadful plight.
Age less, resilient brain cracking first before morning’s light.

Brian Stout
Top Boss at Cracking ALZ

Returning as promised to "Back to School..."

The lovely Dr. Turner asked Thornton Melon, "Thornton, what does that poem mean to you?"

Thornton responds, "It means...I don't take sh!t from no one. (giggle by Turner) I'm going to pass this test. I'm staying in school. Whose next?"

The exam of life is already upon us and many are failing our long-term brain health.

We shall solve this dreadful plight of Alzheimer's. Are you ready to start cracking your better brain health? Let's learn something new by Cracking ALZ.

Below are just some of the current barriers many of us struggle with on a daily basis which impact our long-term brain health.

Less than 1% of us have a plan for our brain health and it shows in the rising health risk of cognitive decline in Americans (and globally) as we age.

We are living longer, but not always better. We can do more to prevent the daily silent self decay which leads to cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, and others which attack our brains.

Don't you want to keep your golden years golden? Join us in this fight!

Brain health is not a 'tomorrow problem.'

Let's Do Something about the Barriers to Better Brain Health
Have a brain health plan and join a growing community
to overcome your current obstacles.

Brian Stout

Top Boss at Cracking ALZ


You want to keep the freedom your success/ contributions have created, right?

We will solve Alzheimer's Disease (ALZ), where other brilliant people have failed to make progress in the last +20 years. Not without them, but as a community building on their discoveries through Cracking ALZ.

I will talk a lot about:
- Intervenables (Lifestyle enhancements)
- Self Decay (Like tooth decay, but...)
- 7 Part framework for Cracking ALZ
- Keeping Our Golden Years Golden
- Being a Top Boss of Brain Health ( firing the Bad Boss)
- High achiever lifestyle risks

...and much, much more around long-term brain health

We will do this together in the Cracking Community (Cracking CREW) using Intervenables anyone can understand--without needing a neuroscientist or doctor to explain.

Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

I'm leading the charge to describe complex lifestyle interventions, science, and medicine in plain language for high achievers impacted by cognitive decline, dementia, and ALZ.

We are Cracking ALZ by looking at the past, present, and future solutions for preventing the destructive disease one day at a time and staying brain healthy today (for a longer brain health span).

Lastly, I don't shorten Alzheimer's Disease as most do with AD because we must stop ADding names to the list impacted by this insidious, sneaky, and treacherous toll-taker on families. Instead, we will solve for ALL--#SolveALZ at Cracking ALZ. :)

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